Case Studies

No matter what industry you operate in, HubNetic can help streamline your business processes and workflow. Our work with clients across several verticals has proved invaluable when it comes to optimizing ROI, simplifying asset management, and overall making their lives easier. We don’t believe in limiting ourselves, and neither should you; our services have proven to be enormously successful for companies that previously believed they’d be confined to an old, outdated solution for good. We know that reaching your business goals can be difficult when you don’t have the right infrastructure in place—at HubNetic, our job is to make your entire fleet management process goes as smoothly as possible.


When a major retailer with over a thousand locations came to HubNetic with an issue regarding their material handling practices, we knew that they need a cohesive solution. With so many stores and facilities to account for, they couldn’t afford to have valuable information get lost in the shuffle; misplaced assets lead to significant downtime, and our client knew that they more time they wasted trying to keep track of everything, the more likely they were to lose business. After we restructured their service-level agreements, established ironclad KPI’s, and implemented a vendor management tool, we helped get them on the fast track for success.


What do you do if you’re managing a company that spans continents, with different locations thousands of miles away? You call HubNetic. When a large, European-based materials company needed helping managing units and locations scattered across North American, we knew that there was an easier way to align all of their assets so that nothing they enjoyed maximum visibility and a more user-friendly framework. We delivered a solution that emphasized productivity without forsaking organization so that they always knew where their assets were.

Grocery Store Chain

With 16 distribution centers located across the United States, our client needed a solution that centralized their asset management, minimized sky-high maintenance costs, and kept their workflow balanced. Without the proper infrastructure, they were struggling to keep their business processes in-line with their future goals. HubNetic created a database that tracked all of the business-critical information that they needed, giving them a clear-cut idea how much they were spending, what assets they had, and putting actionable data in front of them to use for future growth.


After a series of mergers and acquisitions, our client found themselves operating assets at over a hundred locations nationwide, with little infrastructure in place to help them deal with new information. Growing rapidly can be disastrous for a company without the right tools in place. After our in-depth site surveys, we analyzed areas they could streamline their operation for maximum efficiency. We constructed a production plan that accounted for all of their equipment, assets, and overall budget. With meaningful benchmarks in place, they were able to scale up their production accordingly without having to compromise throughput.


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