Fleet Maintenance Management

Your forklifts are the workhorses of your warehouses and logistics facilities. They are tasked with moving goods and materials from one area to another, loading trucks, and doing hard work day in and day out. They are built to be rugged and reliable, able to take years of abuse and overuse. Sadly, this is the case for the majority of forklift fleets found in businesses and warehouses throughout the country. Materials handling equipment doesn’t get the same amount of attention that over the road logistics fleets receive. 

With HubNetic, this all changes. Fleet maintenance management becomes easier and more accessible through our fleet management software and solutions. 

How Often Do You Perform Routine Maintenance?

Sure, your fleet might be performing at a reasonably high standard for the time being, but what happens if things go south? If you’re not performing routine maintenance checks, or even sticking to any kind of maintenance schedule, you are setting yourself up for failure. That’s why HubNetic provides Fleet Management software; we provide all the resources you need to account for every aspect of your internal team and service providers. Our Fleet Maintenance Program offers benefits including:

What Is a Vendor Scorecard?

How do you know you’re getting the most out of your current solutions if you’re not keeping your vendors accountable? HubNetic offers comprehensive vendor analysis services to make sure that the software, equipment, and other tools you’re using makes the most sense for your facility.

The quality of the machinery you operate your fleet with is paramount for completing projects on time and on budget. We help your team keep your vendors accountable by making sure they’re the right fit for your unique performance goals. We’ll help empower your team to make informed, logical decisions for every aspect of your facility, and put you in the best position possible to effectively manage your fleet. Align your equipment with where you want your fleet to go; there’s no point in planning for the future if you’re not taking the right steps to get where you want to be.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Forklift Fleet?

Frequent forklift maintenance is extremely important. Routine maintenance and inspections can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, yearly, or even daily. This is the best way to maximize your equipment’s performance. Here is what regular maintenance accomplishes:

Prevent sudden failure of equipment – Forklifts experience a lot of wear and tear. This is because they are tasked with moving heavy loads over relatively long distances, which puts an enormous strain on the mast of the forklift. Electrical systems can short out, batteries can lose their effectiveness, tires can wear out or wear unevenly, steering can become loose. Any of these components can fail, which may result in expensive repairs or the unit needing to be replaced altogether far earlier than its estimated end of life.

Prevent employee injuries – A forklift that is improperly maintained can break down suddenly. While this may result in a unit that is down for a week or more, the more severe consequence is that a failing forklift carrying a load can harm nearby employees or even the operator. 

Identify when a unit should be retired – When you manage the maintenance of the forklift fleet, you can better predict when the unit needs to be replaced. Routine maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment and when it is scheduled and documented, you can refine your strategy and budget to know the exact optimal time to replace the unit.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Preventative Maintenance

How frequently are you checking up on your equipment? Preventative maintenance can make a world of a difference—waiting until something goes wrong can result in costly equipment fixes, significant downtime, and potentially harmful safety issues for your staff members. It’s time to take control over your fleet; no more crossing your fingers in the hope that nothing breaks down at an inconvenient moment. With HubNetic, we’ll make sure you never have to leave anything up to chance. Our only goal is to have you perform at the level you need to. To find out how our team can help you succeed, reach out today.


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