Comprehensive Vehicle Telematics Device Integration

The more information you have concerning your equipment, the easier it is to make an informed decision. HubNetic integrates telematics solutions into your equipment, increasing visibility for business-critical data and useful performance information. We’re always seeking out cutting-edge ways for facility managers to distill data and use it to their advantage. While we are brand agnostic when it comes to the solutions that we offer, we frequently partner with GEMone and I.D. Systems to deliver quality telematics to our clients. Telematics systems offer several benefits, including:


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GEMone offers measurable benefits with comprehensive industrial equipment monitoring solutions. They specialize in identifying what specific factors you need to be paying attention to, before prescribing a tracking solution that measures what you need to know. Like HubNetic, they don’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all philosophy; they recognize the importance of delivering a unique solution to your facility’s specific problems. Features of their service suite include:

I.D. Systems

The more information you have on your equipment, workflow, and relevant data, the easier it is to make your process simpler. I.D. Systems carries high-quality, industry-leading solutions including the Vehicle Asset Communicator (VAC) and Vision Pro Software to deliver a user-friendly interface that helps increase visibility for important data. Key benefits of each solution includes:

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If you’re looking for increased visibility surrounding the information you need, reach out to HubNetic today. Our team can prescribe a solution that’s custom-tailored to what you need to accomplish. Don’t settle for a solution that’s not right for you—optimize workflow with HubNetic.  


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