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HubNetic is reinventing the way that you manage your material handling fleet.

A few years ago, we became fascinated with the idea of changing the way that companies look at and manage their material handling equipment. People from all around the world told us that their fleet management processes were not standardized throughout their organizations.  Systems that were in place were typically very manual and information moved so slowly that it was effectively useless.  Even worse, the forklift fleet management companies they were turning to for help were not helping them achieve their goals.

It was then that we committed to innovate and pioneer a better approach to manage assets and provide clients with tools that help them win.

At HubNetic, our mission in life is to make managing your material handling fleet easier. We believe that a fleet management solution should be simple to use and produce tangible results...quickly! We also know that amazing tools help you get things done. HubNetic is your window into the world of fleet management, allowing you to make real-time decisions to deliver the greatest value for your investment.


"HubNetic consolidates critical information into operational dashboards to help manage your fleet."


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